[Low-cost DIY] Cupcake paper cups for kids

The other day when mom and dad were napping, I was playing by myself like usual with the paper and stuff, then I came up with this AMAZING idea to make paper cups for my imaginary cupcakes tea party (hurrray!) Mom, you don’t buy me toys, I make my own toys 🙂

First, you need a piece of paper, a pair of scissors and some thing that looks like that glue bottle in the picture.

Cut the paper into squares (they must be squares). Well, if you have square paper then no need for the scissors lol.

Making squares

Then just press the paper onto the glue bottle and DONE!

Voila! Nice paper cups for low cost tea party!

With this method you can make big cups, small cups, dishes. You can also use different types of paper or decorate them with colors!


You can watch the tutorial on my Youtube channel Koi’s Story (link below)

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