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Welcome to Koi’s blog!

Hi guys!

Koi’s story is a personal blog where I tell interesting stories of my little daughter. She is five years old. Everyday she spends most of her time playing, reading or drawing, all by herself. We don’t have a TV or expensive toys, only books, paper, colors and objects she has collected throughout the years.

Why I do this?

  • Because it’s wonderful to see your child growing everyday even after they grow up.
  • Because I want to encourage other parents to do the same to their children.

I want to prove that life is a lot simpler than we think, that children are born geniuses and they don’t need us to entertain or teach them. The only thing we should do is to put them in the right environment where they can be themselves and discover the world with innocent minds, no matter how dark it is sometimes.

You can either agree or disagree, but I hope that our blog makes you smile 🙂


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