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How I draw a cat

In this post today, I’ll show you how to draw a cat. First you need color markers or crayons; oil pastels are ok , too, as long as they don’t need brushes. I use my watercolor markers, which I like a lot because they give watercolor effects but still easy to use. I use threeContinue reading “How I draw a cat”


Alexander wandered into our house not too long ago. I named him after my favorite book by Leo Lionni. The story is about a mouse actually, but I like the name. It took Alexander awhile to except that name, though. First he would just ignore us when we called. Now he would trot over orContinue reading “Alexander”

Welcome to Koi’s blog!

Hi guys! Koi’s story is a personal blog where I tell interesting stories of my little daughter. She is five years old. Everyday she spends most of her time playing, reading or drawing, all by herself. We don’t have a TV or expensive toys, only books, paper, colors and objects she has collected throughout theContinue reading “Welcome to Koi’s blog!”

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