Audiobook – Something wicked this way comes

My mom bought this book because she knew it was famous and there was a Stephen King’s comment on the back (yeah she loves Stephen King). I personally thought the cover was amazing. I’m glad that mom had created this website with the read aloud things or else I’d never get a chance to listenContinue reading “Audiobook – Something wicked this way comes”

Podcast: Bedtime story – The Tinderbox

The story opens with a poor soldier returning home from war. He meets a witch, who asks him to climb into a hollow tree to retrieve a magic tinderbox. The witch gives the man permission to take anything he finds inside the chambers, but he must return the tinderbox. In the tree, he finds threeContinue reading “Podcast: Bedtime story – The Tinderbox”

[Low-cost DIY] Cupcake paper cups for kids

The other day when mom and dad were napping, I was playing by myself like usual with the paper and stuff, then I came up with this AMAZING idea to make paper cups for my imaginary cupcakes tea party (hurrray!) Mom, you don’t buy me toys, I make my own toys 🙂 First, you needContinue reading “[Low-cost DIY] Cupcake paper cups for kids”