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Koi’s Gallery

Yep, that’s me!
Children of another skin color

“My art is about people with love and animals with hearts”

My first try with gouache. It was a little more complicated than sketching with pens and markers. But I like the results.

Alexander seems to enjoy being my background 😉

Cute for decoration, isn’t it?
Handmade non-stickers

So my mom has decided to stop buying me „non essential“ toys – stickers, to be precise. I use stickers to read my books (I know, I know, I‘m weird) so I NEED them.
What should I do? Make my own of course. I call them non-stickers because they look like stickers but don‘t stick (I don‘t need the sticking part, though).

My mom‘s messy part of the workplace



(Half) daddy and me. And the blue sky

My mom had this beautiful set of watercolor and a watercolor sketchbook (which belong to me now). They must be very special because it took her awhile (and me a huge deal of saliva) before she allowed me to try them.

They were wonderful! The feel, the blend, everything. Although I could not control everything very well, I still loved the experieence.

Me, myself, and I

Hi! My name is Tu Minh. I am (almost) 5 years old, and this is my personal blog.

I‘ll (well, my mom actually) blog about my art and stuff. Of course sometimes my mom will quote my words, but most of the time she‘s the one talking.

Still, I am my art. So you‘ll still know me ^^

Leo Lionni (source: internet)
The man of dreams

.The first book I got from Leo was A Color of His Own about a chameleon trying to find his color. Not so outstanding plot but I was truck with the illustrations. I must say he and Eric Carl were the inspiration for me to start using colors. Before knowing them, I preferred black ink only.


Me trying to explain my soul
The World’s languages

I am 5 (almost). My mom says I have to learn how to read and write. I keep telling her that I knowww how to read and write. I do that everyday! Just look at my drawing, there’s a bunch of words. Does it make any sense? It does. It speaks my soul. Isn’t it all languages about? And there is me trying to explain to my mom what the words mean. She just doesn’t understand me.

The words of my soul

I LOVEEEEE cats! Who doesn’t? So when my mom asked me to help her make a drawing, I drew a cat. Check out my lastest video to see how I did it!


My art is about people with love and animals with hearts

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