Alexander wandered into our house not too long ago.

I named him after my favorite book by Leo Lionni. The story is about a mouse actually, but I like the name.

It took Alexander awhile to except that name, though. First he would just ignore us when we called. Now he would trot over or meow loudly whenever we talk about him (behind his back) in the next room.

He‘s so picky when it comes to food. He wouldn‘t eat ANYTHING except this particular cat food mommy buys. Luckily, it‘s cheap. He likes eating little by little, throughout the day. But now his little is becoming a little too much everyday. Slow down your tummy, we‘re poor!

Last night my mom gave Alexander a shower. He did not like it. He never likes it. So when he got our from the bathroom his face looked like there was a cockroach in his food. But what made mommy so fuzzy about was that, for some reason, his left paws got so big as if a bee had stung them. We still haven‘t figured out why, but they were back to normal this morning. Thank God!

We love you Alexander! Stay strong and don‘t ever leave us ❤️

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